exRNA Atlas JSON-LD API v1.03
exRNA Atlas data & metadata for 6,627 exRNA profiles

This site presents the documentation and OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for the exRNA Atlas JSON-LD REST API.


This API focuses on using document identifiers and metadata keywords to request (meta)data from the exRNA Atlas resource.

Browsing the Documentation

Use the API Reference tab at the top of the page to browse the table of contents for the API documentation.

View the OAS2 Specification File

Use the OAS2 Spec tab at the top of the page to view the OAS2 specification in JSON-LD format.

Documentation Content

The documentation includes:

  • Documentation of requests:
    • Resource paths
    • Any path variables
  • Documentation of responses:
    • Key HTTP response codes
    • Payload schemas
    • Illustrative examples
  • Live testing widgets with:
    • Prompts for any request variables
    • Automatic code generation supporting numerous languages